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Techno India

1. Who will not be able to Consume solid food?

2. Anaerobic bacteria is used for

3. Cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flower on large scale is known as

4. Mosquito is not causal organism of malaria but it is:

5. Which of the following is not a source of air pollution?

6. Read the following statements:

  1. Cereals are shrubs
  2. Cereals are grown for their nutritious seeds

7. TMV will grow

8. Match the following

(i) Penicillin (a) Pathogen
(ii) Blue green algae (b) Antibiotic
(iii) Virus (c) Malaria
(iv) Plasmodium (d) Lack chlorophyll
(v) Fungi (e) Fertilizer

9. Identify the irrigation system in which water flows through the main pipeline under pressure with the help of a pump and escapes from the rotating nozzles?

10. Viruses do not multiply inside?

11. Which is not caused by protozoans?

12. Which of the following is false about antibiotics?

13. Carbon monoxide when inhaled binds to haemoglobin in the blood and forms a compound called

14. External fertilization takes place in which of the following animals

15. Which of the following is not an endangered species?