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Techno India

1. Find out the correct sentence(s)

(i) Hybridisation means crossing between genetically dissimilar plants.
(ii) Cross between two varieties is called as inter-specific hybridisation.
(iii) Introducing genes of desired character into a plant gives genetically modified crop.
(iv) Cross between plants of two species is called as inter varietal hybridisation.

2. A nail is inserted in the trunk of a tree at a height of 1 metre from the ground level. After 3 years the nail will

3. A person met with an accident in which two long bones of hand were dislocated. Which among the following may be the possible reason?

4. Which of the following does not lose nucleus at maturity?

5. Ashish on observing human buccal smear (cheek cells) under the microscope, found

6. Which disease is not transmitted by mosquitoes?

7. Most of the disease can be prevented by

8. Find out the false statement

9. Sporophyte is parasitic over Gametophyte in

10. Refer to the given Venn diagram and select correct statement regarding P and Q.

11. Which is not caused by protozoans?

Assertion: Collenchyma has uneven wall thickenings
Reason: It is living mechanical tissue

12. Which of the following is false about antibiotics?

Assertion: India has been declared Polio free
Reason: Pulse Polio campaign is continued in some parts

13. Carbon monoxide when inhaled binds to haemoglobin in the blood and forms a compound called

Assertion: Larger the body size, the larger is the size of cells
Reason: Human body has 100 trillion cells

14. External fertilization takes place in which of the following animals

Assertion: Kwashiorkor is a non-infectious disease of young children
Reason: It is related to deficient and poor diet

15. Which of the following is not an endangered species?

Assertion: Tendon is a white fibrous connective tissue
Reason: Ligament is a yellow fibrous connective tissue