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1. Irregular groove which externally demarcates Atria from Ventricles is called

2. The phenomenon of uptake of water at the expense of energy by the cell and usually against the osmotic gradient is known as

3. Cavities of brain are called

4. Cut leaves remain green for longer time when dipped in

5. The growth of the pollen tube towards the ovule is due to

6. Which of the following is the correct sequence regarding sexual reproduction in a flowering plant

7. Which of the following is celebrated as ‘World AIDS Day’?

8. Refer to the given Venn diagram


Select the correct option regarding it —

9. How many genes a child receives from its father?

10. A segment of DNA providing information for a protein is called


Assertion: Goitre is swelling in the neck region
Reason: It is caused by greater growth of thymus


Assertion: Scrotum provides high temperature for the sperms to mature
Reason: The rate of sperm formation is maximum at about 34°C temperature


Assertion: The biggest discovery of Mendel was non mixing of traits
Reason: Traits are particulate entities


Assertion: Herbivores have well developed incisors
Reason: Carnivores have well developed Canines


Assertion: The efferent arteriole of Glomerulus has wider diameter than the afferent arteriole
Reason: Blood flows under high pressure in the glomerulus