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1. Fill in the blanks w.r.t Bryophytes

(i) Zygote produces a multicellular body called A
(ii) The B germinates to produce Gametophyte

2. Which is false about urochordata?

3. Volkmann’s canal in mammalian bones are

4. If RBC are placed in 0.2% NaCl solution, they will

5. Acidic pH in Lysosomes

6. VAM is an example of

7. Chemoiosmotic theory of ATP synthesis in the chloroplast and mitochondria is based on

8. Which pair is wrong?

9. Litmus used as acid-base indicator is obtained from

10. Heart beat is inversely proportional to blood pressure represents


Assertion: Cyanide is a respiratory poison
Reason: Cyanide forms a complex with cytochrome a3 and prevents the transfer of electrons from cytochrome a3 to oxygen


Assertion: Giardia is called as grand old man of intestine
Reason: It is a protozoan transmitted by mosquito


Assertion: Kidneys are retroperitoneal in position
Reason: Kidneys are covered with peritoneum only on Ventral surface


Assertion: Resistance to the blood flow is directly proportional to the viscosity of blood
Reason: Polycythaemia increases resistance and thus the blood pressure


Assertion: The ‘absorption spectrum’ of chlorophyll ‘a’ shows close correlation with its ‘action spectrum’.
Reason: Chlorophyll ‘a’ is present in both the pigment system I and II