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1. SI unit of volume is

2. Today’s temperature is 2°C lesser than that of yesterday. Then the change of temperature in Kelvin scale in

3. Dry ice is

4. If a gas of density 1/100000 of density of normal air is super cooled we get

5. Diameter of the solute particles in a solution should be

6. 40 gm at common salt are there in 320 gm of water in a solution. Calculate the concentration in terms of mass by mass percentage

7. Which of the followings is homogeneous mixture

8. A colloidal solution where in both dispersed phase and dispersing medium are liquid in called

9. A colour has been made by adding three pigments. These three pigments can be separated by

10. Solubility of which of the following substances decreases with increase in temperature.

11. For the reactions A + B = C + D. The law of conservation of mass states

12. Match the column

Elements Atomic mass
A Carbon P 32
B Sodium Q 40
C Calcium R 12
D Sulphur S 23

13. Which about the law of constant proportion in incorrect

14. A is an element with atomic number 15 and B has atomic number 17. The binary compound made by these two elements is

15. An element has three natural isotopes with atomic masses X, Y and Z. They are present in nature in a ratio A : B : C. The average atomic mass of this element is