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1. Which of the following reactions takes place on being exposed to light and which on being exposed to heat.

  1. 2NaNO3 -> 2NaNO2 + O2
  2. 2AgBr -> 2Ag + Br2

2. 6NaOH + 3Cl2 = 5NaCl + NaClO3 + 3H2O , In this reactions

3. Which of the following metals reacts with base like NaOH & KOH to liberate H2

4. The reaction between an acid and a base belongs to the type

5. An aquous solutions of an acid gives

6. In acid rain the pH is

7. Which of the following acids is present in Tamarind

8. Washing soda is

9. Plaster of pares is

10. Which of the following is correct

11. The IUPAC name of is

12. Match the column

Reactions Type
(A) (P) Additions
(B) (Q) Eliminations
(C) (R) Substitutions
(D) (S) Condensations

13. Which of the followings is not Dobereiner’s Triads

14. Match the column

(A) (P) Tc
(B) (Q) Ga
(C) (R) Sc
(D) (S) Ge

15. In the first group of Long Form as Periodic Table the element with smallest radius is