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1. pH of 10–8m HCl is

2. KP = KC for a chemical reaction. At equilibrium pressure is increased the equilibrium will be shifted

3. Configurations of Pd – 46 is

4. In a pyro-silicate number of Si–O–Si bond present is

5. Number of LP – BP repulsion is

6. In an LPG cylinder 20 kgs of LPG have been bottled at 27°C under 20 atom pressure. The wall of the cylinder can withstand pressure upto 20 atm. In Kitchen the temperature can raise upto 57°C. Keeping this in view how many kg of LPG should be taken out.

7. CP – CV= R is valid for

8. By solvey process which of the following can be prepared

9. For which of the following elements 1E1 = 737 kj/mol and 1F2 = 1450 kj/mol.

10. 2A(s) + 3B(g) = C(l) + D(g)

For the above reactions which of the followings is correct

11. How many degrees of unsaturation are there in

12. In which of the following cases the major product has correctly been shown

13. Which of the following is the structure of messo tartaric acid.

14. Which of the following will not take part in Etard Reactions