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Techno India




Techno India Group Public Schools are run by the largest education conglomerate of eastern India. Being the best English-medium CBSE schools in West Bengal, the school buildings have been constructed keeping in mind all advanced facilities that are to be made available to students. Children spend a significant part of their everyday inside the school campus, so that is where they grow physically, mentally and morally. The schools are located amidst sprawling ambience and greenery with wide landscapes that make them perfect for a wide-angle learning environment.



The pre-primary classrooms at Techno India Group Public Schools are equipped with child-friendly furniture like low detachable tables and low chairs, arranged in groups for optimum interaction and intermingling amongst the children. Smart boards equipped with the latest digital content help the children enjoy learning and facilitate interaction. Every classroom has a student capacity of not more than 40 to ensure an appropriate and conducive surrounding.

Primary, Middle School and Senior School

The primary and middle school classrooms at Techno India Group Public Schools are equipped with age appropriate and ergonomic furniture which provides the students ample space to keep their belongings and comfortable seating throughout the school hours. Every classroom has a student capacity of not more than 40 to ensure optimum teaching-learning experience. Individual lockers / storage space are provided at this level, keeping in mind their physical comfort, security and safe-keeping of their belongings. Smart boards are integral features of the classroom, providing maximum comfort and integration of knowledge respectively, to accelerate the teaching-learning process.

Laboratories and Activity Centres

Schools under Techno India Group have laboratories that are well-equipped with modern machines and devices.

Language lab:

The concept of Language Lab has been essential to the development of linguistic skills, where the students undergo intensive training in speaking particular languages. The primary motive behind this initiative is to augment the auditory and oral comprehension skills of the students through specialized activities in the lab.

Computer & Research lab:

Compulsory Computer Education with Multimedia, Internet access shall be provided to the students enabling them to be at par with the educational technology of international standards. A well-equipped computer lab and mobile computers have helped knowledge to go beyond the confines of the class room. As a matter of fact we maintain a high level of computerization. In tune with the times, the school takes special care to offer computer classes to all students. Interest of students is sustained by Audio-Visual presentations.

Maths Lab:

In the Maths Lab at Techno India Group Public Schools, the students are encouraged to exercise their practical insight through the use of age and curriculum specific kits. Additionally, it also helps them to dismiss the fear of the subject and makes it fun to learn mathematics.

Science Labs:

The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are fully equipped with all modern facilities and equipment to allow students to engage in learning through research, keeping their safety in mind. Well-trained professionals assist and engage the children, encouraging them to work in groups as well as individually to enable them to correlate practical and theoretical experiences.

Art Lab:

The Art lab enables the students to excel in their artistic skills. Here, students are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and their creativities flow unhindered.

Activity Room:

Performing Arts are a focal point of Techno India Group Public Schools so that the body and the mind are in perfect balance, and students personalities are groomed to perfection. With dedicated teachers to encourage the students to develop an interest, ability and flair in the performing arts, every opportunity is provided to give complete education in these spheres. Foreign language classes are held in every Techno India Group Public School. Calligraphy, Clay Modeling, Drawing, Gardening, Needle Work, Origami, Painting, Pottery, etc are taught in the Activity Rooms. The students are taught the responsibilities of Community Service and Environmental Protection, and are allotted duties for Library Assistance, News Board Management and the School Magazine. The students are also taught Life Skill Education in the Activity Rooms, this is an integral part of the class routine which helps the students to adapt to any situation positively and deal effectively with challenges of everyday life.

At Techno India Group Public Schools, inclusive learning runs parallel for slow learners with developmental delays, and they are included in the mainstream classrooms. Trained educators cater to the children.


Real education exists beyond text books. Keeping that in mind, the students are encouraged to reads books of all genres to sharpen their knowledge and vocabulary. Well-stocked spacious libraries are there in all schools with a huge collection of books, a vast and updated collection of periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, reference books and volumes of encyclopaedia in all formats. The purpose of a well-stocked library is to inculcate reading habit amongst students. The library is updated with new books from time to time.


The Techno India Group Public Schools house multi-utility and spacious air-conditioned auditoriums with big sized stages for events such as Orientation Ceremonies, Parents-Teacher Meetings, Morning Assembly, Annual Concerts, Cultural and Literary Fests, and for the celebration of festivals of state and national importance.

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Halls at Techno India Group Public Schools are yet another aesthetic addition to sprawling buildings, for important in-house events such as Teachers Orientation, Workshops and Parent-Teacher Meetings.


While most students bring home-cooked lunch to school, canteen/ cafeteria facilities are available. The menu consists of healthy items for those who are unable to bring lunch or are simply opting to eat at school.

Games & Sports


Techno India Group Public Schools believe in overall development of every student, so serious attention is paid to co-curricular activities and sports. Every school has spaces (open ground and courts) allotted for games and sports classes to be conducted. Games & sports are a compulsory part of the educational process. For students of nursery and kindergarten, there are various types of fun indoor games, and play areas where they enjoy outdoor games too. Coaches are available to train senior students in outdoor and indoor games like Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Rifle shooting, Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Karate/ Taekwondo, Yoga. Special talks on motivation by renowned sports personalities are arranged frequently. The basketball courts are of internationally accepted size and latest modular layout so as to give the students a proper exposure to the sport. At Techno India Group Public Schools, the students receive training in football from professionals, and have won several trophies and awards in tournaments across the state. State-of-the-art swimming pools with advanced water purification technology keep the students fit. Swimming improves strength and flexibility and increases their stamina. Apart from this, swimming is an excellent life skill for growing children to learn. Students are encouraged to participate and represent the school in various district, state and national level tournaments.



The Techno India Group Public Schools are all very well connected with all parts of the towns/ cities they are situated in. School Transport services (buses and pool-cars) are available for students of every Techno India Group Public School from selected convenient points against payment of necessary charges. Keeping in mind the safety of the students, the buses are all accompanied by a helper and each bus is equipped with a first aid kit. To know the details about school transport routes, availability and fees, please visit individual school websites.



Techno India Group Public Schools being the best English medium CBSE schools in West Bengal, students come from far and wide to study here. Most of the Techno India Group Public Schools have hostel/ boarding facilities inside or adjacent to the campuses. To know further details about hostel availability and necessary charges, please visit individual school websites.

Technology and Campus


The innovations and improvements in science and technology are aimed at improving the quality of human life and to improve the quality of education imparted in schools. Techno India Group Public Schools are considered to be smart schools with the latest technological aids and equipments. All the classrooms, activity centres, laboratories, libraries, infirmary and staff rooms have latest audio-visual teaching aids and computers with high speed internet connection. Smart boards are also installed in the classrooms and laboratories. We have round-the-clock internet facility for the students and staff, and high speed internet for academic and administrative use. Parents are regularly updated about their wards through SMS, E-mail and the school websites. CCTV cameras are installed in all the main areas of the school buildings in order to ensure safety and security. It also helps in controlling and maintaining discipline.



All Techno India Group Public Schools have an infirmary which is equipped with all the medical facilities required to combat any emergency situation in school. Techno India Group Public School believes in providing comprehensive care for the students. The schools have well equipped infirmaries for emergencies, and a qualified full time nurse and a doctor on call are available for any child who needs attention. Care is taken to ensure that students are in good health all through the year. Medical check-up of every student is done twice every year and parents are apprised through health cards which are updated from time to time. Specialized and qualified professional counselors are available at every level for providing Psycho-Dynamic Counselling and guidance to the students.

Safety & Security


It is a school's utmost responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the students. Techno India Group Public school being top-rated CBSE schools in West Bengal, always put in their best efforts to make their premises safe and secure for their students. Visitors entry into the School Campuses is highly restricted. Visitors may be allowed to meet a student on an emergency call or handed over to the escort subject after necessary verification.

CCTV in school premises and classrooms:

The entire campus of the schools, as well as each and every classroom is equipped with continuous CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety and well-being of the students. The cameras are linked to a central monitoring system where every child is assessed regularly. This makes the entire process completely transparent so as to avert any untoward event.

Effective Fire-fighting system:

For the security and safety of the students an effective fire fighting system has been installed with smoke detectors. Experts have been invited to guide the students and management in learning appropriate emergency processes.

Buses with CCTV:

Authorities of Techno India Group Public Schools have installed CCTV cameras in all school buses with proper recording facilities. The cameras have been strategically placed in the front, middle and rear sides of the school buses to ensure maximum coverage. Surveillance cameras give the school authorities the ability to keep a check on the students when they are out of school premises while travelling to school or back home. Each bus has a helper and a female attendant who look after the children.

SMS Service:

There is SMS service that keeps the parents informed about the curriculum regularly followed in the schools, and keeping them informed about their child's progress in the classroom. This serves an important way for the parents to communicate with the school authorities. Also, parents can talk to teachers of any subject over phone numbers provided by the schools at stipulated timings.